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What is Manhattan?

Manhattan is a music editor and programming environment, designed not only as a new approach to music but also an introduction to the core concepts of computer science. The software has been developed in consultation with composers, as a tool for artistic expression that combines traditional composition approaches with code fragments to produce new algorithmic, reactive, and dynamic pieces, as well as more traditional works.

Notes are placed in the musical pattern directly or can be written as code, similar to formulas in spreadsheets. As the pattern repeats, the code evolves the piece of music. This simple mechanism exploits patterns found in all music, and can be used to model pieces in any genre, from popular to classical, Blue Monday to Beethoven's Seventh.

The software is used by students on UWE Bristol's music technology programmes, to develop computational thinking skills, and part of the university's initiative to support digital literacy learning, and widen participation in coding.

Download Manhattan v1.9.24 (released: 15/01/22)

The software is freely available. Please note that the program is under constant development; please report any issues to the email address below.

Mac OS X (10.9 or higher)
Download and extract the archive, then double click "" to run the standalone program. This will automatically install the Audio Unit plugin, which can then be used in other audio software (e.g. Apple Logic Pro).
If blocked by a security warning, try right-clicking the file and selecting "Open" the first time you run the program.
Windows 64-bit (Windows 7 or higher)
Download and extract the archive, then double click to install the program. For users without administrator rights, you can also download a portable version (.zip) - extract all contents to a folder and run "Manhattan.exe".

Previous version (v1.9.14): installer

Previous version (v1.9.14): installer / portable

The software is provided "as is", with no warranty of any kind. The developer accepts no liability for any form of undesirable effects (e.g. data loss, etc.) arising from use or misuse of these files. Any modification (including all forms of reverse-engineering) of any part of these files is strictly prohibited without explicit permission from the developer.

Contact and Collaborate

The project would like to hear from you. Please email chris.nash [at] to ask questions, provide feedback, or enquire about collaborations for teaching or music making.